About Me and this website

I started this blog about a year ago. I wrote a few posts, expressing my opinion on Mauritius and the so called Freemasons. I never expected that the site will ever get hits or receive comments. I built this blog for fun, and stopped posting more than a year ago.

I, by coincidence, checked my website stats recently and found that the website actually gets daily hits mainly from Mauritius. I was so surprised to see that there are so many people interested in this subject. I made a search on Google and saw a similar site to mine on blogspot (April 2012). The guy on blogspot re wrote all my articles (dated April 2011) but translated them in English and added some more contents.

I think there is a lot to be said on this ‘illuminati’ stuff. I wanna share my opinion and learn from my fellow Mauritians. I am moving my site from wordpress.com to MoricienTV, a Mauritius powered Website. I made a request to get ‘illuminati’ as the domain name, hopefully i’ll get a positive response and my new website will be live soon.

So, do check my new website for some interesting articles and opinion on http://illuminati.moricien.tv

2 Comments on “About Me and this website”

  1. Ridhwan says:

    Azordi c premier fois ki mo gagne le link soleyrouz… dans ene mail depi ene groupe ki mo membre lor fb.

    mo ena inpe connaissance lor ban fm. Mo ti apran inpe plis lor zot a travers internet ban site tel ke youtube, fb etc. Mais ceki mo finne remarquer c ki bocu bannes kitchose ki ti interessant finne effacer avec letemps tel ke ti ena video pu banne batiment et symbole ki trouve dans moris. Donc, ceki mo envi dire ek prevenir toi c’est preserve bannes recherches, continuer dans to effort sans decourager et merci pour to partage de connaissance.

    Keep it up. Feel easy to contact me if any help/info been required.

    • Kumar says:

      Freemason pena nanier a fr dn truk demoniac. bn dimoun ki zot nivo dinteligence limiT kuma tw ki trv sa dn sa fasson la.. Lir plis lor la… Omaba, et tou dn gran president kin fr bien pu zot peuple ki ladan! ena la fraterniT ladan.

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