The masonic sanctuaire Jumbo area Phoenix

According to wikipedia :

Vacoas was proclaimed a town in 1963 at which time it was joined with Phoenix. In 1968 it was raised to the status of a Municipality…… Some of the remaining landmarks of the town’s industrial estate are Phoenix Camp minerals, where Coca-Cola products and the local Phoenix Beer are bottled. Phoenix is also where we can find the monument of the town (a phoenix placing its claws over a pandanus plant) and the seat of the Industrial Vocational Training Board (IVTB)….Since 1994, Phoenix possesses a major shopping centre in the Centre Commercial Phoenix, whose main attractions are its hypermarket, its food court and sports store

Vacoas Phoenix ine vine ene la ville en 1963-68. Ca lepok la cetait en plein negotiation lindependance. Wikipedia mentionne Compagnie Coca Cola et IVTB, jumbo kom banne business dan la region.

Coca Cola, is it a masonic/illuminati company? ena croire dan banne ‘Mind Control Ads’, ena pa croire ditou. Google Coca Cola+illuminati and make your own research.

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About Me and this website

I started this blog about a year ago. I wrote a few posts, expressing my opinion on Mauritius and the so called Freemasons. I never expected that the site will ever get hits or receive comments. I built this blog for fun, and stopped posting more than a year ago.

I, by coincidence, checked my website stats recently and found that the website actually gets daily hits mainly from Mauritius. I was so surprised to see that there are so many people interested in this subject. I made a search on Google and saw a similar site to mine on blogspot (April 2012). The guy on blogspot re wrote all my articles (dated April 2011) but translated them in English and added some more contents.

I think there is a lot to be said on this ‘illuminati’ stuff. I wanna share my opinion and learn from my fellow Mauritians. I am moving my site from to MoricienTV, a Mauritius powered Website. I made a request to get ‘illuminati’ as the domain name, hopefully i’ll get a positive response and my new website will be live soon.

So, do check my new website for some interesting articles and opinion on

Japan earthquake prophecy or illuminati

Banne people of the book croire ki pou ena bann signe ki pou aparaitre kan la fin des temp pe vini. Parmi sa banne signe la (prophecies) ena Tremblement de terre. Eski ena ene posibiliter ki sa banne signe la pe etre provoker par banne humains.

Pa tro longtemps mone lire ene lartik lor ‘history of illuminati’. Mo pa tro croire tou sa ki banne conspiracy theory raconter. mais ena ene zafere assez intrigant ladans. Lartik la dater lannee 2007.

To finance David’s insane campaign, the Japanese people have been forced to work harder for lower pay. To maximize tribute payments from the Japanese, David Rockefeller also forced the Japanese government to hand him control of their entire banking system. The Japanese government tried to refuse and were threatened into submission with a new array of high-tech weaponry, including, if you can believe this, a weapon that caused an earthquake in Niigata Japan.

Mo trouve sa bizarre koment author la kapav dire ene zafere pareil. ya pa fumer sans feu

Tremblement de terre Japon ine ariver le 11 mars. World trade center ti 9/11, atack uk ti 7/11, et ena encore plusieurs world events ki ena conektion avec chiffre 11. Make your research on illuminati numerology to learn more. Aparement le chiffre 11 represente

In the occult the number 11 has special significance. In Numerology it is not reduced to a single digit.    It is a power number as is 22, 33 etc.   The number 11 represents the vision. The number 22 combines vision with action.   The number 33 offers guidance to the world.  The master numbers 11, 22, and 33 represent a triangle.   A triangle of enlightenment or illumination.

links to number 11 theories:

Mo ti kontent konne zot penser lor la :

Dan Moris, kifer banne masonic lodge faire zot reunion (kapav ritual) le 11 du mois. I have seen/confirmed it with my own eyes. There has been activities going on at the masonic lodge in Vacoas-Phoenix on the 11 jan 2011 and yesterday 11 March 2011. Why the 11th?

The art of illuminism

The art of illuminism lay in enlisting dupes as well as adepts and by encouraging dreams of honest visionaries or the schemes of fanatics. By flattering the vanity of ambitious egotists. By working on unbalanced brains or by playing such passions as greed and power to make men of totally divergent aims serve the secret purpose of the sect. People with money were welcomed but kept oblivious of actual secrets. The purpose is to win power and riches. To undermine secular or religious government and attain the masters of the world. Nesta Webster

Mo pa croire morisien ene race couyon. Essaye met sa saying la dan context Maurice, surtout lor banne evenement politik dan pays comencer par 1968 juska present. Y compris Boodhoo so current campaign.


The illuminati and Mauritius

“If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” — George H.W. Bush


Freemasonry has had a fascinating history in Mauritius as Michael Allan explains

An island tale

Mauritius is the playground of the rich and famous – its hotels are among the best in the world, service is second to none and discerning gourmets feast on French, Indian, Chinese, Creole and British cuisine.
Such an eclectic mix is due to the various contributions of nations over the last 300 years.

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Mauritius a masonic country

Eski moris ene pays masonic. sans ocun doute bann franc macon bien present dan l’ile. O fait non seulement zot present mais zot ena control lor tou kichose et zot ti mem a maurice bien avant ki nou (la population). Cest bann fran macon kine amene nou dan sa pays la.

Ena beaucou activiter (strategie) illuminati ki fine derouler pou amene lexistense sa pays la. Ena masonic lodge a maurice dater depi banne lepok anglais. Ref: dan ene lartik ‘10, 000 famous masons in history‘ li nomme un certain Sir Walter Besant. Guette ki li dire lor sa boug la :

Sir Walter Besant (1836-1901) English novelist. Educated in King’s College, London and Christ’s College, Cambridge. Was co-author with James Rice of a series of novels including Ready-Money Mortiboy (1872) and The Seamy Side (1881). Sole author of All Sorts and Conditions of Men (1882) and Children of Gibeon (1886). He was raised in Mauritius Lodge in 1862 and became master of Marquis of Dalhousie Lodge No. 1159, London, in 1873. He conceived the idea of establishing a lodge of research and as a result became one of the founders of the famous Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 of London, serving as its treasurer at one time. d. Hempstead, England, June 10, 1901.

MCB (the one eye bank) founded in 1838 kelke annee apres labolition esclavage. Nou tou cone role la banque dan systeme nu pe vivre zordi. Ti bizin cree ene institution financier (fort) controler par zot, pou ki dan lavenir zot kapav facilite zot investissement. Coment sa ti derouler? a travers media zot dire puiske ine aboli esclavage, bizin donne compensation. Ki sanne la ki merite compensation la ? Sa ti esclave ki apart so le corps li pena nanrien la ou sois sa gran patron ki ti deza proprietaire tou kichose la? Sa Cest taktik illuminati (appearance vs reality), divant lizier dimoume p fer bon kichose mais dan realite cest ene lot kichoz.

Pli important, couma nu fine gagne nu lindependance. Dimoune ki fer recherche lor illuminati/nwo etc koner ki banne elite pa pu kite ene place osi longtemps ki zot pa fine mete zot instution/puppet dibout dans sa pays la.

Nou morisien nu fine gagne mari chance. nu pa fine bizin laguerre pu gagne lindepenadance. Mais selment ti ena ene sel condition, moris bizin donne diego garcia anglais. Puppet la, zot ti fini forme li dan la personne de chacha. Mais le problem cetai lopinion publik. Couma banne illuminati p operer azordi, en 1965 osi zot ti pareil. Zot ti bizin cree banne evenement pou ki zot reussi fer zot plan marser.

PLAN la ki eter sa? Et Bann EVENEMENT la koment ine derouler?

Si zot pa encore convaincu ki banne illuminati kine donne nu lindependance, repone sa kestion la. Condition lindependance cetait Diego Garcia. Ki sanne la ti capav douter (en 1965-68), ki diego garcia pu vine ene base couma li eter zordi? nu tou kone role diego pu banne ‘elite’ zordi. Whoever was dealing with chacha at that time, ti p suivre ene plan bien calculer. Calculer par ki? Diego garcia pu ena ene role BIEN important kan lepok jerusalem/palestine/dajjal. (sa cest ene lot article.)

Not convinced yet?

Evenement (Part 2 coming soon)
1. la facon deloge banne chagosien, (appeance and reality.) Everything was based on lies.
2. Bagarre 1968. mo tro zen pu kone sa..bizin aide depi ancien generation
(to be continued)

Do you believe in Anti-Christ/Dajjal

Trois parmi banne pli gran religions dan le monde (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) croire ki pu ena ene lepok ki pou vini, kot le monde pu dan chaos. Chak religion interprete li dan so facon et apele li different kaliter nom (the messiah, the false-messiah, the beast, Dajjal, etc). Mais, tous les 3 religions daccord lor ene point : ca personage la li pa invisible ou fiction mais plito bien reel (a being).

Mc Donalds illuminati commercials